New gym and trainings schedule!

category : News published : 24/05/2020, author : profesional

We are happy to announce that our trainings will start from 01.06.2020 and that big changes are coming - we are moving to new gym and changing our training schedule.

Hi guys, 

recent situation according to COVID-19 had brought as many new challenges and experiences. We are happy to announce that we will start to train again from 1st of June 2020. According to this, we must also announce big changes. We hope, that it will cheer you up because the life is change and we want to move constantly forward. 

Long story short, we are moving to the new gym. Particularly our gym will be situated also in Bratislava Petržalka - Činkáreň Čambal (link here: 

Also we are changing our training schedule to - Monday, Wednesday, Friday - as usually from 18:00 - 20:00. 

As regards to price, it will change to 60 EUR/month. The price is bigger according to major prices for rent and superior standard of changing rooms, bathrooms and air conditioning of gym. 

We are asking all members, who will start to train from June to register in this gym at the reception where you will get chip card, which will allow you to enter the gym. You will be also asked to pay monthly payment of 25 EUR to the gym. The rest - 35 EUR you will pay to our sensei. 

We are looking forward to you! 

See you 

Team Ju Jitsu Professional